<![CDATA[Quilting Friends - Blog]]>Sat, 27 Feb 2016 05:13:42 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[What are you Struggling with?]]>Tue, 20 Oct 2015 21:24:12 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/what-are-you-struggling-withThank you so much for continuing to follow my blog! I am busy working on my next book, and I would LOVE to get your imput. I want to help you spend more time quilting, and so, I would like to hear what you are struggling with in your sewing space. Does your ironing board have a junk magnet in it? Does your wrist hurt when you cut? Does your back get sore when you sit at the machine for too long? Please respond send me a comment with your questions! Your responses will help me deliver information that matters to you. 
Thank you so much, and I look forward to reading your reply!]]>
<![CDATA[I'm FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!]]>Thu, 08 Oct 2015 11:12:51 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/im-freeeeeeeeeeMy book, ScrapStashtic Quilts, is FREE on Amazon!!! We're friends, go buy it while it's free!!!! I really want you to grab a copy before the price goes back up to $9.99, and Amazon only does these free promotions once in a while....Thank you for grabbing a copy and boosting my rating on Amazon!]]><![CDATA[I can't believe I didn't tell you!!!!]]>Fri, 02 Oct 2015 18:59:00 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/i-cant-believe-i-didnt-tell-youI published my first book this week, and I can't believe that I forgot to tell my quilting friends!!! Getting it written, formatted (that was a big job!), and published all while learning how to build a real website, maintain a mailing list, and poke at Facebook was a bit time consuming, but I'm REALLY proud of the end result!  Thank you to everyone who offered to review my book!  It has been a great help to get candid, honest reviews.  Anyone who is still interested in a free copy of my book in exchange for an Amazon review can pop on over to my sparkly, new website, Janelleamacbeth.website and sign up for the mailing list.  I'm trying to get 100 reviews on Amazon, and would love to send you a free copy!!!!

I'm really proud of my new book! Want to take a look at it?  Here's the link:

ScrapStashtic Quilts
<![CDATA[Look, I'm NAKED]]>Wed, 23 Sep 2015 01:42:09 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/look-im-nakedMy Book, ScrapStashtic Quilts, will be available on Amazon on October first. If you sign up for my newsletter on my website by noon on Thursday, you can grab a FREE review copy of the ebook. What's the catch? I'll send you an email on October first, asking you to post your review on Amazon. Your review can be as long or as short as you choose, I'm looking for candid reviews so that I can (hopefully) sell a couple of copies. (Cross your fingers for me!!!)
So, here I am, baring my soul to your judgement....I'm naked, come and judge!
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<![CDATA[I Need Your Opinion!!!!]]>Thu, 17 Sep 2015 11:28:32 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/i-need-your-opinionMy graphics designer has given me three options for the cover of my new book. I love them all so much, I can't decide which one is best. Will you take a look and let me know what you think?
let me know in the comments which of these three covers you like: the rectangular, the circle, or the hexagonal one?
<![CDATA[It's been a long, Long Time!]]>Thu, 17 Sep 2015 00:01:47 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/its-been-a-long-long-timeHello, my friends!!!! I'm so sorry that I have been gone for so long!!!!
The last time I posted, I promised that I was working on a super secret project. It's not a secret any more! Are you ready!?!!
I am publishing my first quilting book on October first!!!!! If you would like to take a peek at the excerpts that are available, now, check out my website: JanelleaMacbeth.website
Happy Quilting!!!!]]>
<![CDATA[Reflections on an Interesting Week]]>Thu, 11 Jun 2015 02:27:32 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/reflections-on-an-interesting-weekThis week has been fantastic and labor intensive, exhausting and triumphant, nerve wrackingly bold and just plain wonderful.
  I've been piecing. I've been machine quilting.I've been pushing my computer limits. Some days this week, it has felt like the "clock" never ran out on the amount of work to be done.
  I have been using piecing to avoid machine quilting for about two weeks. My long arm bobbin winder has needed a little tlc, so I "couldn't" use the Gammill for about two weeks while I waited for hubby to fix it. He fixed it for me last night.
   And this morning, when I faced my quilt on the long arm with no more excuses at hand, I learned something about myself.  I let the technical problems stop my progress because it was a handy excuse. Facing the quilt that I had abandoned two weeks ago, I realized that I had been hiding from my quilt because I don't love the quilt, and I really didn't think that the custom work that I had started was suitable.
  Realizing that I had been making excuses was not a pleasant experience, but I chose to forge ahead with my new found clarity. I finished the dreaded quilt in 20 minutes and forced myself to move on to the next.
Three hours later, when I unloaded both quilts from the gammill, I discovered that I liked both quilts. The custom work looked much better than I thought it would.
  So what did I learn today? I learned that I can still deceive myself. But. I also learned that I can overcome my self deception with ease once I am aware of the motivation for behavior.
  I also learned, just a little bit more, how important it is to ignore that nasty little voice inside that criticizes every artistic expression that is off the beaten path.
  Tonight, when I showed my quilting to my guild, I expected them to criticize my work more harshly than I do. I was wrong. When I shared my art, I was met with praise and appreciation. Several ladies approached me after the meeting to ask for my professional information so that they can hire me to quilt their tops. Lesson number three, today? It is always worth the risk of sharing your soul in order to share your art.
The quilt with the emotional baggage....It's now in the guild's charity pile, waiting for its chance to make the world a better place.
This is the quilt that allowed me to move ahead and regain my momentum. It, too, has gone to the guild's charity pile.
To force myself to do 2 bindings, I set up a temporary work station in front of the tv with Netflix.
these blocks are finally done!!!!
and these are almost done...
<![CDATA[New Toys for me!!!!]]>Sun, 07 Jun 2015 02:15:40 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/new-toys-for-meMy new toys arrived in the mail, today! Squeeeee!!!! Last Friday, I spent the day in NYC with my hubby. While he was off in a meeting, I hunted down the only quilt store in Manhattan.
  OF COURSE I found a ton of things to buy....but what really seduced me to pull out my wallet were two new books and a collection of specialty rulers.
I didn't want to carry around three chunks of plexiglass for the next 12 hours, so I asked the shop to mail my purchases to my house. (I'm brilliant, right!?!!)
   I've been waiting for my new toys all week, and here they are!!!!!
<![CDATA[Peep Show]]>Fri, 05 Jun 2015 10:02:33 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/peep-showAs you may have heard, I have been working on a secret project....shhhh....
And today, I am going to give you a few hints about the mega surprise that is coming!
   My top secret quilting project is taking place on my laptop, and I just found a professional to make my project LOOK amazing when it hits your hot little hands. SQUEEEEE!!!!!
   And for a second teaser of what's to come, I had one of those 'once-in-a-lifetime,' show stopping ideas that has changed the way I grow 'planned scrappy quilts!' Let me know in the comments or on Facebook if you want me to leak my method before I release my super secret project.
Happy Quilting, Friends!
P.S. I went to sit'n'sew yesterday to applique without my cats. I wish that they had a cell phone so that I could have texted this photo to them!
This is how I applique at home....
<![CDATA[Drudgery And Invisible Progress]]>Mon, 01 Jun 2015 11:13:37 GMThttp://quiltingfriends.weebly.com/blog/drudgery-and-invisible-progressYesterday was the first sewing date in. the newly arranged sewing room. For the most part, the new layout worked. Ultimately, I think that we will swap the desks again so that the quilts that we are binding can rest on the table and on the ironing board.
   Speaking of ironing, yesterday felt like a day of very slow progress. I have been working on a blue and scrappy half square triangle quilt for at least a week, now. Yesterday, I sat down to make some serious progress, and if felt like nothing happened. I spent an hour and a half finishing my stack of units. Then I spent THREE HOURS cutting them apart and ironing them. That part seemed to go on forever....
Finally, when I was ready to sit down and piece the nine patch blocks, a series of thunder storms rolled through. Today, however, I am set up to sit down and finish this quilt, which may or may not be king sized.....we'll see how big it is when it's done....
Yuki is bothering Jenny for once!!! I guess she approved of the new layout, too.....
piece the rest of my units
I thought that the cutting would take a long time. and then I moved to the ironing board.....
that is a LOT of half square triangles!